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Blog #36 (Tug McGraw)

October 3, 2012

This week there is no legal section of the blog.

Now for the Opening Day memory:

During the Mets' 1973 stretch run, which ultimately led to their World Series appearance, either the Daily News or the New York Post ran a series of caricatures. My most vivid recollection of Frank Edwin "Tug" McGraw is the one of him in a Fireman's cap with "You gotta believe!"-- the Mets' catch phrase that he coined during that exciting National League East pennant race where no team finished with a winning record except his Mets--in a cartoon bubble. Although Tug now is probably more well known for being the father of country music superstar Tim, he was a rather big deal in New York from 1969 when the Miracle Mets shocked the baseball world by upsetting the powerful Baltimore Orioles in the World Series, until his trade to the Philadelphia Phillies after the 1974 season. He was also a big deal in Philadelphia from 1975-1984 when he retired. Tug played 10 years with the Mets and 10 years with the Phillies, winning one World Championship with each (1969 with the Mets and 1980 with the Phillies).

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